The Kickstart Program provides funding to employers to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. This is part of the government’s Plan for Jobs and aims to create hundreds and thousands of new, fully funded jobs across England, Scotland and Wales. The first placements are likely to be available from November.


Incubated by registered charity Grow Inspires, we are bringing together employers and young people through the UK funded Kickstart program. We are purposefully deploying employees into businesses to increase productivity and profitability at zero cost to your organisation, whilst providing decent & beneficial work experiences for talented and capable young people.


The Kickstarter Program pays 100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week, associated NI and auto enrolment contributions.


For each job placement the employer receives £1500 towards setup, support and training costs. Kickstart program is not an apprenticeship scheme, but participants may move on to an apprenticeship at any time during or after their placement.


Utilise the skills, talent & energy of young people to move your business forward, adapt and stabilise your operations without any of the overheads or stress.


Do not miss out on this opportunity. Register now or get in touch with our team. 

Have you been rejected from Kickstart? Still want to participate? Are you a sole trader or a business which has been running for less than a year, then get in touch. We guarantee to help you achieve your Kickstart employees. 


Each bid application must be for a minimum of 30 job placements, for most small businesses this simply isn’t feasible. Grow Inspires has created an aggregate service which allows small businesses to pool their placement opportunities together making this scheme accessible to any UK business.

Kickstart program aggregate service
kickstart program employee training


We aggregate the job placement opportunities and submit the bid for funds as well as acting as the intermediary with the DWP. Grow Inspires is approved by DWP as a Representative for the South West.

This service is free of charge.


The scheme requires that staff receive employability training.  If you are unable to offer this, we can do it for you.  We have been working with the Job Centre for several years now.

This service is optional.

kickstart program employer training
kickstart program payroll service


From recruiting, inducting and supporting you to delegate the right tasks to the new employee, we can also help you work out how much they are contributing making their value much more transparent.

This service is optional.


Employees under this scheme must be paid through PAYE.  If you don’t run your own payroll, we will be happy to do it for you including claiming funds from DWP and completing all reporting to HMRC.

This service is optional.


Download the presentation, join our weekly webinar or simply give us a call


We have put together a slide deck which outlines the Kickstart program and the Grow Inspires aggregate service in more detail., including optional add-on services that are available.

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We are happy to speak to you, simply give us a call on 07710 569375 and leave a message and one of the team will give you a call back within the hour, or at a time you specify.

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With the increasing economic downturn claimants of Universal Credit are set to soar. The number of people claiming UC is already the highest the UK has seen since 1986 and as a result the unemployed population has never been more skilled, motivated or diverse.


Many claimants are those who have been made redundant and have existing experience, many are just starting out and eager for any chance to learn and apply themselves, and many are recent graduates of higher education who have very few job prospects available to them.


The pool of candidates available may never be as strong as what we have right now. This is an ideal opportunity to get quality, reliable staff with none of the risk, or expense that would usually be incurred.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to pay more than the minimum wage?

You can pay more than the minimum wage, if you wish, but the difference in both wages & NI contributions needs to be covered by you.


What if I need someone for more than 25 hours per week?

The employee can work more than 25 hours, however the wage costs and NI contributions for the additional time will need to be covered by you.


I don’t have a physical office, can I take someone on remotely?

Yes. Many businesses are operating remotely due to the pandemic. You will be expected to set up a good communications channel and regular virtual meetings with your employees but there are no restrictions on employing someone remotely.


Can I move them on to an apprenticeship at the end of their placement?

Yes. You can move any Kickstart employee on to an apprenticeship, at the end of their 6 month placement.


Am I obligated to take someone, even if none of the applicants are a good fit?

No. You are not obligated to take any of the candidates who apply. Our advice is to concentrate on writing a good job description which will help to find the most suitable candidates. Feedback can be provided and we can work with you to find the best person for the role.


Can you do it in stages?

Yes. If you want to take on Kickstart employees in stages that’s not a problem.


What happens if the employee leaves? Do I have to repay the grant?

No, if an employee leaves of their own accord you do not need to repay the grant.


Am I eligible as a sole trader with no current employees?

Yes, we do have a workaround to able to facilitate Kickstart employees into businesses run by sole traders. Use the contact form below to contact us for further information about how it works.



Alternatively you can sign up straight away by completing the registration form here.


To speak to one of our team please complete this form. Call back requests will be responded to within 1 hour.

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