Build an Extraordinary business

If you believe that the entrepreneurial spirit can help you build an extraordinary business putting you  in control of your destiny, then you are in the right place.

Phoenix  is just what you need.  But before we get carried away, there are a few things that you should know.  There are limited places. You need to be right for Phoenix before we offer you one.

  1. Phoenix is not a soft option.  You will need to commit to turning your life around.  We will help you, but we cannot do it for you or to you.
  2. Things won’t go to plan.  Building an extraordinary business is not an easy road and you can expect real life to knock you back a few times. The true test of entrepreneurial spirit is how you react.  If you can pick yourself up and find another route to your ambition, then we are with you every step.
  3. It takes lots of work.  Although we only meet for a few hours each week, the real work happens between meetings when you put the tools that we give you to use. You really need to dedicate 2 full days per week to this.
  4. You need basic literacy.  There are no essays and no exams, but you do need to communicate your product ideas to customers with marketing materials.  We can help you with copywriting and design, but you need to do the market research.
  5. You need basic numeracy. To make money we need to plan and account for it.  Tools remove the need for too much maths, but you will need to understand the basics.

Are you ready to let your entrepreneurial spirit fly?

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