Social Justice through economic empowerment

Sustainable social justice: It is about respect

As economic inequality increases, so does the need to improve social justice. It seems Governments is either unwilling or unable to tackle the big issues of inequality on a global or national basis.  Indeed top down policies rarely deliver sustainable social justice.   And if you are in any doubt, watch this TED talk.  

First of all, we need to act without state intervention,

Secondly, we have to respect people's ability to help themselves,

But above all, we must recognise that lack of resources is not the same as lack of potential.

The more you share, the more you get back

Our mission is to empower the ambitious but disenfranchised with enterprise skills.  We believe that too often, people's potential goes unrealised simply because they do not know how to focus it.  We champion the compelling business case for sharing skills that are abundant in big companies, but highly prized among those who struggle , for whatever reason, find themselves unable to access those resources themselves.  Best of all, the mere act of sharing brings huge rewards to the sharers.  Above all, this is not charity; this is sound and sustainable business sense.

Our values are reflected in our logo.  Purple represents noble empowerment - the colour that adorns royalty should be accessible to anyone prepared to invest the effort. Green is the fresh shoots of innovation - evidence driven continuous improvement in everything we do.  Gold represents excellence - delivering the best possible outcome for every participant in our programs.  

Our logo image represents strength through diversity.  We cannot grow if we stick with the same things.  We only achieve our full potential when we respect and engage different points of view rather than fearing and mistrusting them

Mark Neild - Principal

I have been coaching for over 25 years. I  starting out as a Royal Navy flying instructor. Continuing through a second career in innovation consulting,  I  developed consultants' skills.   And in a third career I lectured business students and coached start-ups and small businesses to grow their firms.  I am not one for rocket science;  simple techniques, diligently executed are far more effective.  Much of the success of Grow Inspires comes from Grow Movement, an enterprise education charity I was proud to serve as chairman for 2 years.  

Jake Emsley - Director

KevinRSmith CFO

Jake is the CEO of Emsent Telecommunications and Marketing Limited, a leading light in the exclusive telemarketing and appointment setting world. His youth, energy, and enthusiasm has lead him to mentor many young people interested in enterprise culminating in recently being awarded the 2020-2021 young person’s mentor of the year award. His charity work and support for local business, especially those set up without the benefit of the “bank of mum and dad” is legendary.

Eleri Haf Cosslett: Co-Founder

As both a successful international lawyer and entrepreneur, I bring a wealth of negotiation and business development skills to help small businesses grow.  Helping a number of women inmates to read and seeing at first hand the challenges that people face to gain meaningful work after leaving prison, I am really pleased that Love Entrepreneurs is partnering with Grow Inspires to deliver a program to help ex-offenders return to society by growing their own businesses.